Customer Persona: Your ideal customer is a person named Kevin. Kevin is in their mid-20's and is still single. They are a graduate student finishing up their MBA. Kevin lives in Louisville, KY, and is somewhat familiar with your project.
Kaufman Bourbon is a self-initated hypothetical bourbon brand, based out of Louisville, KY. Doing some rudimentary research, I looked at other bourbon brands such as Jim Bean, Four Roses, and Maker's Mark, I quickly noticed similarities between the brands, establishing the basis of a visual language I could use to create my moodboard.
What spoke to me right away was the fact that a lot of bourbon companies have stark contrast in their colors, and they used a lot of dark greys and blacks for their primary color. Taking that thought in mind, I began to work on a logo concept for the imaginary brand 'Kaufman Bourbon.'
Some mockups of the logo on a whiskey/bourbon bottle, perfect splash images for the website.
Lofi Conceptualization
Building a basic shopping page was the key objective of this project. My lofi concept had a landing page, about page, checkout page, and confirmation page.
Here there are lofi concepts turned into hifi final deliverables. I knew for sure I wanted to use black and gold from my moodboard, but I wanted to make things different than what I had seen from my research, with iterations of pages being made and edited.
Prototyped version of hifi pages.
Demo Video
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